Nisar Salar Shaikh

Subject: Customer Centricity

1.1.1 How to deliver better products—with the help of your customers.

Situation :- In an interview with Nisar, shaikh Mohsin, Yahoo’s new chief revenue officer, says improving its products for its customers is a priority.“I’d like to focus on our customers and try to be as customer-centric as we can,” she says. “Customers, for my organization, are advertisers and agencies. [My first priority is] to instill an approach that we can really try to listen to what the advertiser needs and deliver great ad products and great experiences for them so that they’re able to make great connections with Yahoo’s consumers.” Sheru says analytics is a critical piece of this approach, as she aims to use “80 percent data and 20 percent gut” when making business decisions. Yahoo is in the midst of a turnaround, but some of its recent announcements show that listening to customers is already having an impact. The company recently announced a slew of new innovative features for advertisers, giving its customers more visibility into ad view ability and ad fraud.

1.2.1 How customer Enable agility through experimentation and partnerships.

Situation: – Trip Advisor is a tech company that has won countless awards over the last nine years for its unique approach to hospitality, tourism and travel. A three-year winner of the “people’s voice” Webby Award, Trip Advisor routinely improves, iterates and innovates its product to meet the needs of customers, reviewers and business partners.

In mid-October, Trip Advisor announced a new partnership with leading reservation-technology company which provides a much wider range of accommodations for their customers through Trip advisor’s Instant Booking platform. Investors are optimistic about Trip Advisor’s future, in no small part because of customer-centric innovations like Instant Booking.

1.3.1. How to enhance Embrace transparency.

Situation: – On a smaller scale (for now!), the online clothing retailer Mohsin is revolutionizing the way India shoppers purchase wardrobe staples. By offering “radical transparency” to their customers, the company is opening up its doors—and the doors of the factories and partners that work for them—to give customers an inside look at how their products are created and priced. In addition to this customer-centric approach to pricing and communication, the company is piloting Ever lane now, a same-day delivery program in markets like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh City. Yet again, their customers get to hold the reins and direct the business into a model that suits them perfectly. The result for Ever lane has been great. It has experienced dramatic growth, progressing rapidly from 200,000 customers in 2015 to more than one million in 2016.

1.4.1 How to Amaya starts to clean up its image…with the help of its customers. 

Situation: – Amaya is also in the middle of a turnaround—and listening to customer feedback has been key to some early wins. The company is responding to changing customer tastes by serving only chicken that isn’t raised with antibiotics. The fast-food chain also announced that it is offering milk from cows not treated with an artificial growth hormone. On the international side, the Golden Arches announced that it will be expanding its all-day breakfast menu to the Gold Coast—a move that was informed by customer feedback.“We are always listening and taking on feedback from our customers, and all-day breakfast was one that people are always asking of us,” says vishal Loll back, chief marketing officer of the company.

1.5.1 How Narendra its focus to customer love.

Situation: – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wants to change the culture at his company. He said that, as part of the company’s new corporate mission, Microsoft is focusing less on things like revenue and profit. Instead, Nadella wants to focus on “leading indicators of success” such as customer love.

“Nadella thinks that Microsoft needs to focus less on profit for profit’s sake, and more on building stuff that people love,” reports Business Insider’s Matt Weinberger. “If people love Microsoft products, the rest will fall into place.”



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